Linder Racing is a dynamic fast growing motorsport company that want’s to participated in a environment

The team gathered it’s experience in the past years with factory sportscars and F1 teams as Audi, Bentley, Toyota, Ferrari, Dodge Viper and Marcos, but also in small private teams. Our responsibilities where building, developing, fabrication, rebuilding, prototypes, testing, analyzing, telemetry, set-up, track-support in leading positions.

In these years the successes where three times Le Mans winner, Spanish, English, Dutch and American champion, and lots of international race wins in sportscars and GT’s.

Our idea is to support drivers/car owners, teams with looking after their race-car during the winter (preparation for next season) with a possibility for testing, developing and off course race support during the season.

Racecar transport is also a possibilities up to three cars. Trailer is with awning and floor.

All this is possible at a low level of financial input. Depending is just how serious you want it to be!

It would be good to do all the maintaining at our own workshop in the south- east region in the Netherlands.

Jobs like rebuilding gearboxes, fabrication (water coolers ,oil tanks, wishbones, chassis), bodywork damage repair, set-up etc. can be done inside the company.

We are looking forward to work at any level to express our knowledge and experience to get a stronger team